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Cardinal Consulting Group, Inc.
Phone: 412-334-3107
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Cardinal Consulting Group, Inc.
is approved by the Pennsylvania
Department of Education as
an Act 48 program provider.

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It's all about you! Cardinal Consulting Group, Inc. connects people, resources and results.

We work collaboratively with your school district, your library, your nonprofit agency or your organization to build internal capacity. We focus our efforts on developing your personnel, improving customer satisfaction and increasing productivity to achieve your mission and vision.

Here are some ways you might want us
to build capacity in your organization:

  • Facilitate strategic planning process and write strategic plans
  • Develop goal-oriented, results-driven action plans
  • Design differentiated professional growth plans to improve teacher supervision and evaluation processes
  • Coach administrators in supervisory methods and processes: learning walks, walk-throughs, formal observations
  • Facilitate leadership and team building experiences

We plan and work together to extend your reach to achieve your goals. Experience demonstrates that investment in people, systems and support structures is critical to success. However, it does not always require additional resources, but rather the reallocation of the knowledge, skills and resources already present.

Our mission, like yours, is to engage your people, maximize your resources and enhance your results.

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